This week's Read




I had an extra Audible Credit. This book was recommended. So far so good.

Currently reading the first chapter about "stepladders," and I gotta say this may be helpful for dancers hoping to stick with their practice.  The basic gist: Most of us fail tobreak our goals into small enough chunks to actually complete them, or take time to celebrate when we DO complete them. The information may not be new, but hearing the same ideas in a different way always helps me consider new possibilities. Click the photo to see more. 

A New Year Tradition

Everyone has their favorite holidays. Since you're here, I'll tell you mine: friends' birthdays and New Year's Day. Both feel like a time to stay home, light a fire, take a deep breath, and consider whether you're still moving in the right direction. 

Field Notes

I've found four objects are indispensable to do this right: a cup of tea, a single candle, a journal, and your favorite tarot deck.

The journaling is simple: What was the ONE question I had last time, and what is the ONE question I want to consider now? It's amazing how your questions get answered, even if you put your journal away. Todd Henry suggests you keep your 3 biggest questions up where you can see them (what he calls your "Big Three"), and your subconscious will work on the answers for you through a process called the Eureka phenomenon. I may try that this year. 

Favorite journals are, without a doubt, my trusty Field Notes.  I keep a library of them with the dates written on the front for easy reference. 

Currently I'm between favorite decks, and I'm working on my own. My father was struggling with Cancer last year, so I started a collage-Tarot project (he got me into both) to give us something to work on together. After 6 months I'm almost done with the Major Arcana! Since I haven't completed the deck,  for New Year's day I'll be using the Renault Besancon deck that Dad left to me.

Below are some of the cards I've built so far. The titling is different on a couple of 'em: I've finally settled on the black box with the outline. You can see them as I post them on Instagram under the hashtag #daturatarot

The Fool Datura Tarot
The Wheel Datura Tarot
The Tower Datura Tarot
Hight Priestess Datura Tarot