Liz Lerman's critical Response process

This book details a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work.  Please submit a book summary, including any questions you may have about the book.

Dance Composition: A practical guide to creative success in dance making

If you  didn't complete a book summary assignment of all 8 Methods of Construction for your Cultivation intensive, please make one for Phase III (see below).

BOOK SUMMARY FOR Dance Composition

Use this article on Note Taking to help you develop a book summary for Dance Composition. This will be your own personal Study Guide to get you through the material, and there may be a little pop quiz on day one. Maybe. That book is dense and can be tricky, but so worth decoding.  If you can understand what she's saying, she's giving you all the secrets!

Show Your Work! a book by Austin kleon

Please read this amazing book. You'll be glad you did. "Austin Kleon is one of the brightest new minds on the creative landscape. And Show Your Work! demonstrates why.  With simple yet profound insights, and an array of his amazing images, he casts aside old stereotypes of the creative life and tells what it’s really like. You’ll want to share this remarkable book far and wide.”