What is Datura Style™?

DATURA STYLE belly dance refers to BOTH A dance vocabulary AND an approach to technique THAT CAN BE USED FOR CHOREOGRAPHY AND IMPROVISATION.

The Datura Style has emerged from Rachel Brice’s study, practice, and career as a dancer: After working as as a cabaret-style belly dancer in Arabic nightclubs (performing improvisationally to live music) for over a decade,  she obtained a degree in Dance Ethnology and shortly after, founded The Indigo Belly Dance Company.  The Indigo choreographed and toured internationally with Bellydance Superstars for 5 years.  None of her work would have been possible without the dedication and innovation of the many dancers that came before her, therefore it's impossible to describe this style without acknowledging its roots.

Datura Inspiration


  • Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour’s belly dance technique in the video Suhaila Dances for the Sultan; 
  • Masha Archer’s approach to “moving sculptural composition;"
  • Carolena Nericcio’s polished and organized placement of the body and presentation of improvisational vocabulary for groups;
  • Jill Parker’s posture and serpentine technique;
  • Fifi Abdou’s incredibly relaxed, polished, and expressive approach to both technique and improvisation; and
  • John Compton’s humor;
  • Mardi Love’s musicality and dedication to authentic materials for costume.


  • The conditioning for African-Haitan dance by Katharine Dunham, called Dunham Technique
  • Viniyoga’s approach to sequencing and biomechanics;
  • Stott Pilates’ 5 Basic Principles of awareness for biomechanics of movement;
  • Horton Technique’s approach to dance training using“studies” as technique choreographies;
  • the Jazz approach to a naming convention for dance.

Want to take a Datura Style Class?  

datura style classes In person

There are certified Datura Style teachers all around the globe.  Check out the directory of certified Datura Style™ teachers to see what classes are offered near you. No matter where you are in the world, expect a welcoming environment and a focus on growth mindset in a Datura class.

datura style classes Online

Datura Style classes are also available at DaturaOnline.com.  Simply select Datura Style from the Style tab to see all of the classes offered.

Check out the video to see how Datura Online works.


Want to teach Datura Style?

The Datura Style™ Teaching Certification is offered through 8 Elements™ intensives.  Information about the 8 Elements program and certification can be found here.

If you're interested in receiving 8 Elements program announcements, including scholarships, training dates, and registration details via email, then please join our 8 Elements™mailing list here.

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