Rachel Brice Event application

Hello and thank you for your interest in booking Rachel!

We get a lot of requests and while we'd love to visit every event, we can only travel to a limited number of places each year. In addition to learning about your proposed event, we'd like to learn a bit about your experience and history as an event sponsor, which is why we've created an application form. Please complete the application here. If you want to know more about how our booking process works, please read on for more details.

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Booking Rachel - How it works:

  1. First, you (the sponsor) complete the Event Application Form. We appreciate any relevant details you can provide regarding your involvement in organizing past teaching and performance events.

  2. Once you submit the form, you can expect to hear from us via email within 4-6 weeks. Depending on where we are in our 'booking season' we may be able let you know right away if your event aligns with our tour plans, otherwise we'll let you know where we are in the process and when you can expect to receive a more definite reply.

  3. If your event aligns with our tour plans, then we will begin an email conversation to discuss dates and further details.

What criterion are considered for sponsor and event selection?

We try to book tours in a way that makes geographical sense, therefore each tour is often localized to one geographical region. Rachel only books 1-2 tours per year, which makes timing and location two of the most influential criteria for event selection.

We also consider the sponsor's event planning experience. We want the event to be fun and rewarding for all parties involved. Event planning involves a certain amount of risk and uncertainty, and in our experience, we've found it's often beneficial for the sponsor to have prior knowledge and participation in planning dance events or hosting international artists. That doesn't mean that we won't work with you if you are a new sponsor, but it is one of many criteria we consider.

Additional qualifications that make a strong sponsor candidate include:

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Relentless attention to detail

  • Excellent time management and prioritization abilities

  • Team-oriented and self motivated

  • Flexible, patient, supportive, creative, discerning

  • Honors education and intercultural communication/understanding

  • Able to delegate tasks effectively among volunteers/team members

  • Technologically savvy. Tasks include:

    • designing web and print marketing materials

    • marketing via social media

    • Facilitating event registration and payment

    • Devising and maintaining professional communication systems with event participants

How far in advance are events booked?

We generally book events 12-18 months in advance. We find this provides a comfortable amount of time to discuss the finer details of the contract and build participant excitement for both registration and the event itself. If you are wondering what the best time is to send a booking request, we recommend submitting your Event Application 18 - 24 months prior to your desired event dates.

What are Rachel's teaching and performing rates?

We understand this is necessary information for planning any event. These details are disclosed after we've established your event will align with our tour plans and discussed potential dates that will work for both parties.