Variety is the spice of life, so I like to offer several types of classes. Want to play? Come to the Heart of Belly Dance retreats. Want to dig deep and study? Come to the 8 Elements Teacher Trainings. Want to stay local? Wait 'till I come to you! Below are some shortcuts to get you where you want to go: 


The Heart of Belly Dance Retreats focus on the joy of belly dance as a way to vibrant health, joyful community, and body awareness. They are held at eco-conscious retreat centers that offer healthy and nourishing food in a peaceful setting.

Video playlists for preparing for the advanced portion of the retreat here. We have beginner classes, too! 

See particpant's photos from our retreats HERE.


The 8 Elements™ approach is taught through multi-phase intensives which explore 8 key concepts, building from the simple to the complex, with the purpose of developing a healthy dance practice while demystifying the process of dance making. 

See images from our intensives HERE.


Check the schedule page to see if I'm teaching in a town near you.

If not, no worries: You can stream my latest classes right into your living room from Datura Online.

Check out Rachel's photos from the road below.

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